The last remaining places on Earth for truly starry nights

Before the beginning of the 19th Century, when Paris became the first city in Europe to use gas lighting to illuminate its streets, the sight of the Milky Way was as commonplace as the sight of the Moon. But in recent decades, light pollution has become so intense that many people rarely get to admire a starry night.


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Crave Travel: Offseason culinary tours

Enter Crave Travel, a tour operator founded by Sasha VanDenBosch and Ashley Crane whose mission is to send travelers on small-group, culinary-focused trips - in the offseason.


Redefining hospitality: technology-driven sustainability and CSR strategy

In an era marked by digital transformation and escalating demands for sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR), the hospitality industry faces a pivotal opportunity to redefine its operational and strategic frameworks.
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Sustainability: do actions match words?

Universally, hotels are adopting sustainability practices. It was claimed that the execution of sustainability can lead to increased guest satisfaction, improved company image and even financial gain.

Transitioning to reusable packaging could eliminate 1 trillion single-use bottles and cups

A new report highlights the urgent need for reusable beverage packaging as a solution to the global plastic crisis. The report, produced by ocean advocacy group Oceana, shows that just a 10-percentage point increase in reusable beverage packaging by 2030 could eliminate over 1 trillion single-use plastic bottles and cups.

Hotels embrace growing diversity in their board composition

The percentage of hotel industry board seats held by Black members and women members, respectively, is going up.

Hotels appoint more women and Black directors to their boards

Hotel boards are becoming decidedly more diverse, with growing numbers of seats now held by women and Black members, a 2022 study conducted by the American Hotel & Lodging (AHLA) Foundation found.

Is Travel & Tourism ready for mandatory emissions reporting?

The Travel & Tourism sector entered 2023 like a marathon runner hitting the last six miles of a race.


New Sustainable Event Management: A Free Guide to Better Green Meetings

Sustainable events can be satisfying and interesting because they make it worth attending in person because the planner has taken steps to connect participants to a destination in a meaningful way, perhaps through the authentic cuisine, local entertainment or a community service project.

What does the future hold for short-term rentals in European Cities?

A comprehensive review of how short term rentals have evolved in Europe over the past seven years was carried out by Toposophy for HORTEC.

Travel & Tourism Development Index 2021

The 2021 edition of the index highlights the vital need to invest in T&T, the impact of COVID-19 and how sector stakeholders can draw on T&T development strategies to build back better.

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