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Montpellier is introducing free public transport in December

Montpellier is getting ready to launch its free public transport scheme ahead of Christmas.

Australian rail company introduces goats to tackle fire risk vegetation

The weed-destroying goat herd was deployed to tackle an area along railway tracks where vegetation was out of control.

Budget airlines pose tough competition for Europe’s night trains

Europe's night trains face cut-throat competition from budget airlines.

Ponant to launch zero-emission cruise ship with solid sails by 2030

Cruising has been heavily criticised for its effect on the environment but French line Ponant is aiming for a more sustainable future with its plans for a 200-passenger ocean-going ship it claims will be emission-free when sailing, manoeuvring, in port or at anchor.

Spain wants to ban short-haul flights, drawing environmental concerns

Spain wants to ban short-haul flights when there is an alternative by train that takes less than 2.5 hours. Environmental groups have slammed the proposal as ‘purely symbolic’.

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