The Travindy Foundation’s overarching objective is to promote sustainable development at a global level, with a particular focus on development and advocacy for sustainable tourism. It aims to implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals, encourage responsible consumption, improve the living standards of local communities, and ensure equal access to economic and natural resources. The Foundation actively supports the rational use of environmental resources to enhance the quality of life and address poverty while fostering economic growth in the tourism sector and promoting socially inclusive practices.

In addition to sustainable tourism development, the Foundation pursues various objectives related to environmental protection, health promotion, cultural preservation, education, charity, social assistance, intergenerational integration, and national identity. Through educational activities, publishing, research, advocacy, and cooperation with stakeholders, it actively engages in raising awareness and driving positive change. The Foundation’s efforts in sustainable tourism aim to make a significant impact by advocating for responsible tourism practices, preserving cultural heritage, and safeguarding natural ecosystems for the benefit of current and future generations, while fostering solidarity, cooperation, and transparency in its actions on both local and international levels.

To learn more about Travindy’s objectives, areas of work and legal framework, download our statute.

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Travindy was co-founded by Anula Galewska and Jeremy Smith in 2012, later joined by Xavier Font. It initially operated as a volunteer-run sustainable tourism news platform communicating essential tourism news and promoting responsible travel. With Prof. Font on board, Travindy started offering consulting services focused on sustainability communications and marketing.

In recent years, Travindy extended its offer to a range of advisory and training services to help tour operators, hotels and destination management organisations improve their sustainability performance and obtain sustainability certifications. Thanks to the Spanish-speaking team led by Ángela Rodríguez, in 2016 Travindy expanded its reach to the Spanish-speaking region and Travindy Espanol was launched as a stand-alone project.

In 2019, Jeremy Smith stepped down to focus on his environmental initiative, Tourism Declares Climate Emergency. Prof. Xavier Font keeps making the world of tourism better through his work at the University of Surrey.

Travindy is now managed by a small team led by Anula Galewska and supported by a number of affiliated sustainability consultants.

Since 2023, Travindy has been operating as a foundation, registered in Poland.