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Anula Galewska

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Anula Galewska


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Anula Galewska

Anula Galewska

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Anula Galewska

Anula Galewska

Anula Galewska is an internationally renowned sustainable tourism consultant with a passion for promoting responsible travel practices. With a career spanning over 12 years, Anula has worked with tourism businesses, destinations, and international organizations in more than 80 countries, primarily in Europe and Central Asia.

As a consultant, Anula specialises in sustainability management, reporting, product development, and sustainable supply chains. She has provided valuable guidance and training to tourism businesses, helping them implement sustainable practices and meet industry standards. She worked with numerous organisations of different sizes and locations, including Intrepid Group, TUI Group, Tasigo Hotels, Helvetas, Portuguese Tourism Board, Polish Tourism Board, among others. 

Anula’s expertise also extends to assisting destinations in their preparation for sustainability awards and certifications, such as Green Globe or the Green Destination Top 100 Stories competition. She has facilitated the application process, provided feedback, and supported destinations in their sustainability endeavors. 

Anula’s commitment to promoting sustainable tourism goes beyond consulting. She has organized and been part of numerous sustainable tourism events in Europe and Central Asia, including conferences, forums, and networking events. These platforms provide opportunities for like-minded individuals and organisations to come together and drive positive change in the industry.

Anula’s expertise is recognized through her various qualifications and certifications. Anula holds Masters degrees in Responsible Tourism Management from the Leeds Beckett University, and in Sociology from the University of Lodz. She is an certified GRI sustainability professional, accredited trainer for the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and serves as an auditor and advisor for certifications such as Green Destinations, Good Travel Seal, Travelife, and Green Globe. These roles allow her to contribute to the evaluation and advancement of sustainable practices in tourism destinations, tour operators, and hotels.

Driven by her passion for sustainable tourism, Anula Galewska continues to play a pivotal role in promoting responsible travel practices and making a positive impact on the industry. Her extensive experience, expertise, and dedication make her a sought-after consultant and speaker in the field of sustainable tourism. 

To learn more about Anula and her work, you can visit her LinkedIn profile.