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Dubai introduces ‘Dubai Sustainable Tourism Stamp’ for eco-friendly hotels

Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) has announced the launch of the ‘Dubai Sustainable Tourism Stamp’.

EU to ban greenwashing and ‘Climate Neutral’ Claims by 2026

Parliament and Council have reached a provisional agreement on new rules to ban misleading advertisements and provide consumers with better product information.

Intrepid Travel launches carbon labelling program

Intrepid Travel, the certified B-Corp and carbon-neutral tour operator, is now offering carbon labeling on over 500 itineraries, including its most popular trips, to offer greater transparency in how a trip impacts the Earth. 

Sustainable tourism best practices: Inverness & Loch Ness

Interview with Michael Golding, the CEO of Visit Inverness & Loch Ness about their sustainability practices and the Destination Climate Action Plan.

Dominica Cable Car draws positive attention despite attempts to derail it

The construction of the world’s longest cable car project in Dominica is widening the rift between the ones who favour it and only a handful of people who have been trying to highlight the project in a negative light with a narrative that is founded on misconceptions

Ecotourism in Marine Protected Areas as a tool to valuate natural capital and enhance good marine governance: A review

The conservation of biodiversity has both direct and indirect economic benefits for many sectors of the economy, namely tourism, being ecotourism considered one of the segments particularly adequate to value natural capital.

Intrepid Travel Removes Wildlife Experiences Not Aligned With Its Animal Welfare Policy

Intrepid Travel has reviewed its 140-plus range of wildlife experiences and removed tours that failed to meet its standards of ethical engagement.

Lufthansa expands ‘green fares’ across European services

European aviation giant Lufthansa Group is to introduce its new "green fares" across its short-haul flights after successfully testing the initiative in the Scandinavian market last year.

Ghana pursuing sustainable ecotourism as solution to climate crisis

Ghana is pursuing a sustainable ecotourism development agenda as one of the local solutions to addressing climate change impact on the environment.

Travel takes on food waste

With the number of global travelers having reached 1.5 billion in 2019, all of them needing to eat, tourism contributes significantly to the 40% of annual global food production that’s wasted.

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