Category: Climate Change

The sustainability tech boom holds the potential for decarbonizing real estate

With carbon reduction deadlines looming and regulations tightening, more businesses are adopting fast-evolving technologies to measure, monitor and manage their emissions and guide future sustainability decisions.

Budget airlines pose tough competition for Europe’s night trains

Europe's night trains face cut-throat competition from budget airlines.

Spain wants to ban short-haul flights, drawing environmental concerns

Spain wants to ban short-haul flights when there is an alternative by train that takes less than 2.5 hours. Environmental groups have slammed the proposal as ‘purely symbolic’.

Tourists return to South Africa, urging green solutions for electricity crisis

Tourists are returning to South Africa – but the sector will need to go green to deal with the country’s electricity crisis.

Scotland’s proposal to impose taxes on cruise ships

Scotland's government plans to empower local councils to tax cruise ships as a way to raise money for port towns that accommodate cruise visitors.

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