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Ponant to launch zero-emission cruise ship with solid sails by 2030

Cruising has been heavily criticised for its effect on the environment but French line Ponant is aiming for a more sustainable future with its plans for a 200-passenger ocean-going ship it claims will be emission-free when sailing, manoeuvring, in port or at anchor.

Scotland’s proposal to impose taxes on cruise ships

Scotland's government plans to empower local councils to tax cruise ships as a way to raise money for port towns that accommodate cruise visitors.

Ban on cruise ships docking near Barcelona’s city center

Taking aim at overtourism and pollution, Barcelona has banned cruise ships from docking near the city center, beginning Oct. 22. 

Vegan menus now available across Princess Cruises fleet

Princess Cruises responds to growing demand for plant-based cuisine by introducing vegan menus to enhance the onboard dining experience across its fleet of 15 ships.

Can a cruise ship be sustainable?

The cruise industry has such a bad reputation. Despite the public’s professed concern over climate change, searches for cruise holidays are on the rise again. Can cruise ships be sustainable?

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Natural Habitat Adventures’ new Carbon Clear Vision Program

Natural Habitat Adventures, a global leader in responsible nature travel and the conservation travel partner of World Wildlife Fund (WWF), recently released its first annual Sustainability Report accompanied by a major new initiative called Carbon Clear Vision.