Category: Ethical Travel Issues

Ibiza and Mallorca implement new laws, shifting away from ‘sun, sex, and sangria’ tourism

Fed up with rowdy, drunk tourists, the local government of Spain’s Balearic Islands has brought in strict new alcohol bans.

New ban halts boat tours through sacred Australian natural wonder

The Horizontal Falls are one of Australia’s strangest natural attractions, a unique blend of coastal geography and powerful tidal forces that visitors pay big money to see up close. But all that is about to change.

Tourists advised to avoid famous Geisha District in Ancient City

The city has announced it’s closing off some private-property alleys in its famous geisha district because of complaints about misbehaving visitors.

Miami Beach against spring breakers

Officials in Miami Beach, Florida, are "breaking up" with spring breakers in a new ad campaign after an uptick in crime and violence during spring break months.

Challenges arise when travelers find tours that are too authentic

Off the beaten track’ tours are designed to show the unfiltered realities of local life, which can sometimes include aspects that are surprising or challenging for travelers.

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