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Lepogo Lodges: Africa’s potential most eco-friendly safari

Lepogo Lodges in South Africa offer luxury safaris - so far, so normal - but are also serious about protecting the surrounding wilderness for generations to come.

The rehabilitation of natural ecosystems by luxury resorts

Resorts are taking “rewilding” — the rehabilitation of natural ecosystems — further, making extensive efforts to bring back native plants and animals to their properties and winning praise from guests and ecologists.

Futurismo Azores Adventures ends promotion of swimming with dolphins

As announced at the 4th Whale Biennial, Futurismo has decided to no longer promote swimming with dolphins.

Emirates’ new wildlife amenity kits to highlight endangered species

Emirates Premium Economy and Economy Class customers on long-haul flights globally will be treated to new complimentary wildlife amenity kits, now onboard.

Dominica Cable Car draws positive attention despite attempts to derail it

The construction of the world’s longest cable car project in Dominica is widening the rift between the ones who favour it and only a handful of people who have been trying to highlight the project in a negative light with a narrative that is founded on misconceptions

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Hotel Verdant achieves renewable energy trifecta with wind, solar, and geothermal

Dominion Properties, developer of two LEED Platinum multifamily buildings in southeastern Wisconsin, has just achieved LEED Gold for its boutique Hotel Verdant that utilizes geothermal, solar and wind technologies—a renewable energy trifecta not found in any other U.S. hotel.