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Khiri Reach pledges to One Million Trees Reforestation Project in Cambodia

Khiri Reach, the 16-year old charitable arm of Khiri Travel, has joined Wildlife Alliance’s ambitious long-term One Million Trees initiative to reforest illegally cleared land in Cambodia’s Cardamom Mountains.

GRI releases new biodiversity standard for implementation

As nature faces unprecedented pressures, with human activity the leading cause for one million animal and plant species being pushed to the brink of extinction, GRI has published a major update to its Biodiversity Standard.

The Sea Ranch Lodge unveils ‘The Farm,’ focused on regenerative farming practices

The Sea Ranch Lodge, set along the dramatic coastline of Sonoma County, has unveiled The Farm, a haven for regenerative farming practices located on agricultural land just south of The Sea Ranch Lodge. 

The rehabilitation of natural ecosystems by luxury resorts

Resorts are taking “rewilding” — the rehabilitation of natural ecosystems — further, making extensive efforts to bring back native plants and animals to their properties and winning praise from guests and ecologists.

Coral Expeditions inducted into the Ecotourism Hall of Fame

Coral Expeditions, Australia’s pioneering cruise line, was recently inducted into the Ecotourism Hall of Fame in recognition of two decades of unwavering commitment to advanced and sustainable Ecotourism practices.

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