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Novotel partners with WWF for ocean protection

Novotel, Accor’s founding brand, announced the launch of an international partnership with WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) that will see Novotel champion the protection and restoration of the ocean through science-based action and conservation projects. WWF is a global leader in building a sustainable future for people and the planet.

New hyper-local and sustainable menu debuts at Costa Rica’s Hotel Belmar

Hotel Belmar in Costa Rica is redefining what it means to create a local experience for guests through its new menu and sustainability initiatives. The award-winning, carbon-neutral hotel’s dining including Restaurante Celajes, Cervecería Belmar, and its Juice Bar and Tea Room take a hyper-local approach to sourcing ingredients, prioritizing sustainable practices.

Academic insights for hoteliers: enhancing guest well-being

In recent years, the topic of well-being has become increasingly ubiquitous. A report by McKinsey (2024) finds, surprisingly, that millennials and Gen Z are spending more on health and wellness than older consumers.

Las Vegas Resort showcases sustainability done right

Of all the places to learn about how to successfully embed sustainability into large-scale hotel operations, few would think to start with Las Vegas.

Water conservation: the next frontier in hospitality sustainability

The changing hospitality landscape has led many businesses to undergo sweeping efficiency projects. Yet, the hospitality sector is missing out on an obvious—and symbiotic—pairing with energy efficiency: water conservation.

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