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Mass tourism: boon or threat to good lives?

What is ‘mass tourism’? How do we think about it and talk about it? Do we consider all of its contexts, costs, and benefits? Vilhelmiina Vainikka shared this “Good Tourism” Insight.

Milan bans the sale of takeaway drinks and food at certain hours

Milan is cracking down on disruptive nightlife in the busy Porta Venezia area by prohibiting the sale of takeaway drinks and food at certain hours.

Japan’s strategy to tackle overtourism as visitor numbers soar

Japan's tourism minister has announced new prevention measures to tackle problems of overtourism as visitor numbers soar.

The town famous for autumn foliage that prohibited influencers

As hordes of photographers began descending on a small, rural community to capture its vibrant autumnal colours, local residents fought back – and won.

Budapest takes measures to curb anti-social behaviour in its ‘Party district’

Authorities in Budapest have begun taking action to reduce anti-social behaviour in the city's 'party district' which has blighted the lives of many residents.

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Natural Habitat Adventures’ new Carbon Clear Vision Program

Natural Habitat Adventures, a global leader in responsible nature travel and the conservation travel partner of World Wildlife Fund (WWF), recently released its first annual Sustainability Report accompanied by a major new initiative called Carbon Clear Vision.