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Venice’s new tourist tax amid evasion, confusion, and protests

Many Venice residents have criticised the entry ticket as ineffective in controlling visitor numbers while condemning the city council for overlooking critical issues such as housing.

Venice residents protest proposed entry fee

Activists in Venice have staged a protest against the new day-tripper entry fee which will come into force on 25 April.

Barcelona to raise tourist tax next week

Barcelona’s tourist tax is set to rise once again on 1 April.

Locals fighting overtourism in European cities

Millions of holidaymakers visit the Costa de Sol and Málaga, one of its most popular destinations, every year, but now locals are saying enough is enough.

Tourists advised to avoid famous Geisha District in Ancient City

The city has announced it’s closing off some private-property alleys in its famous geisha district because of complaints about misbehaving visitors.

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