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Montpellier is introducing free public transport in December

Montpellier is getting ready to launch its free public transport scheme ahead of Christmas.

Tourists return to South Africa, urging green solutions for electricity crisis

Tourists are returning to South Africa – but the sector will need to go green to deal with the country’s electricity crisis.

Milan bans the sale of takeaway drinks and food at certain hours

Milan is cracking down on disruptive nightlife in the busy Porta Venezia area by prohibiting the sale of takeaway drinks and food at certain hours.

Europe’s top sustainable destinations for 2024

Five destinations in Europe are among the top ten sustainable places to travel to in 2024, according to Lonely Planet.

Japan’s strategy to tackle overtourism as visitor numbers soar

Japan's tourism minister has announced new prevention measures to tackle problems of overtourism as visitor numbers soar.

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Natural Habitat Adventures’ new Carbon Clear Vision Program

Natural Habitat Adventures, a global leader in responsible nature travel and the conservation travel partner of World Wildlife Fund (WWF), recently released its first annual Sustainability Report accompanied by a major new initiative called Carbon Clear Vision.