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The last remaining places on Earth for truly starry nights

Before the beginning of the 19th Century, when Paris became the first city in Europe to use gas lighting to illuminate its streets, the sight of the Milky Way was as commonplace as the sight of the Moon. But in recent decades, light pollution has become so intense that many people rarely get to admire a starry night.

Don’t forget niches: marketing to micro-communities for sustainable growth

According to Dr Thraenhart, niches can help destinations address specific sustainable tourism issues and concerns, while ensuring marketing efforts are highly targeted and effective.

Emerging trends in hotel sustainability certification

GSTC’s Roi Ariel shares how the increasing number of certification bodies is changing the meetings industry.

The rehabilitation of natural ecosystems by luxury resorts

Resorts are taking “rewilding” — the rehabilitation of natural ecosystems — further, making extensive efforts to bring back native plants and animals to their properties and winning praise from guests and ecologists.

The most exciting new trains coming in 2024

Around the world, travelers are flocking back to trains, and demand is increasing across the board for high-speed trains, luxury “land cruises” and long-distance day and night trains. In many countries, rail journeys are now exceeding 2019 levels – a much faster revival than experts predicted.

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