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UNESCO announces new geoparks worldwide

Travellers interested in deep dives into geology, culture and sustainability have several new destinations to place on their bucket lists. Unesco just announced the designation of 18 new Global Geoparks, bringing the total to 213 sites representing 48 countries around the world.

New ban halts boat tours through sacred Australian natural wonder

The Horizontal Falls are one of Australia’s strangest natural attractions, a unique blend of coastal geography and powerful tidal forces that visitors pay big money to see up close. But all that is about to change.

Lepogo Lodges: Africa’s potential most eco-friendly safari

Lepogo Lodges in South Africa offer luxury safaris - so far, so normal - but are also serious about protecting the surrounding wilderness for generations to come.

Khiri Reach pledges to One Million Trees Reforestation Project in Cambodia

Khiri Reach, the 16-year old charitable arm of Khiri Travel, has joined Wildlife Alliance’s ambitious long-term One Million Trees initiative to reforest illegally cleared land in Cambodia’s Cardamom Mountains.

Challenges arise when travelers find tours that are too authentic

Off the beaten track’ tours are designed to show the unfiltered realities of local life, which can sometimes include aspects that are surprising or challenging for travelers.

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Academic insights for hoteliers: enhancing guest well-being

In recent years, the topic of well-being has become increasingly ubiquitous. A report by McKinsey (2024) finds, surprisingly, that millennials and Gen Z are spending more on health and wellness than older consumers.