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New hospitality vision for Baja California Sur unveiled

Can tourism regenerate a distressed slice of Mexico? Christy Walton (yes, one of those Waltons) bets it can.

Cruise industry’s biofuel adoption is limited by range

Large cruise companies began running trials with biofuels two years ago, but their executives say they are far from being able to use it to power their ships regularly.

Lepogo Lodges: Africa’s potential most eco-friendly safari

Lepogo Lodges in South Africa offer luxury safaris - so far, so normal - but are also serious about protecting the surrounding wilderness for generations to come.

Europe dominates with world’s Top 10 sustainable beaches

Each year, Tripadvisor releases a ranking of the world’s best beaches with European destinations topping the list in 2024. This year’s ranking also includes a category for the most sustainable beaches.

Khiri Reach pledges to One Million Trees Reforestation Project in Cambodia

Khiri Reach, the 16-year old charitable arm of Khiri Travel, has joined Wildlife Alliance’s ambitious long-term One Million Trees initiative to reforest illegally cleared land in Cambodia’s Cardamom Mountains.

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Cycling through Europe: trends and transformations

Cycling tourism in Europe is undergoing significant changes, adapting to new trends and demands from both experienced cyclists and newcomers to the activity.