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Hotel Verdant achieves renewable energy trifecta with wind, solar, and geothermal

Dominion Properties, developer of two LEED Platinum multifamily buildings in southeastern Wisconsin, has just achieved LEED Gold for its boutique Hotel Verdant that utilizes geothermal, solar and wind technologies—a renewable energy trifecta not found in any other U.S. hotel.

Cruise industry’s biofuel adoption is limited by range

Large cruise companies began running trials with biofuels two years ago, but their executives say they are far from being able to use it to power their ships regularly.

Europe dominates with world’s Top 10 sustainable beaches

Each year, Tripadvisor releases a ranking of the world’s best beaches with European destinations topping the list in 2024. This year’s ranking also includes a category for the most sustainable beaches.

Southwest Airlines invests in Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Southwest Airlines has created a venture capital arm geared toward helping the carrier secure sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). 

The last remaining places on Earth for truly starry nights

Before the beginning of the 19th Century, when Paris became the first city in Europe to use gas lighting to illuminate its streets, the sight of the Milky Way was as commonplace as the sight of the Moon. But in recent decades, light pollution has become so intense that many people rarely get to admire a starry night.

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