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Water conservation: the next frontier in hospitality sustainability

The changing hospitality landscape has led many businesses to undergo sweeping efficiency projects. Yet, the hospitality sector is missing out on an obvious—and symbiotic—pairing with energy efficiency: water conservation.

Barcelona grapples with tourism future as rain eases drought

As Barcelona exits its almost four-year-long drought, the aftermath has left many tough questions about the realities of water management and mass tourism.

New hospitality vision for Baja California Sur unveiled

Can tourism regenerate a distressed slice of Mexico? Christy Walton (yes, one of those Waltons) bets it can.

Europe dominates with world’s Top 10 sustainable beaches

Each year, Tripadvisor releases a ranking of the world’s best beaches with European destinations topping the list in 2024. This year’s ranking also includes a category for the most sustainable beaches.

Groundbreaking report: as Travel & Tourism continue to grow, its water intensity falls

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) today launched its new groundbreaking report, ‘Water Roadmap for Travel & Tourism’, revealing total water intensity by global Travel & Tourism continues to decrease as the sector continues to grow. 

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The realities and myths of regenerative tourism

Regenerative tourism is great for destinations that choose to focus on it, and for the few who can afford it. But what about the rest of us?