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New hospitality vision for Baja California Sur unveiled

Can tourism regenerate a distressed slice of Mexico? Christy Walton (yes, one of those Waltons) bets it can.

Vail Resorts’ environmental goals and challenges

Senior editor Robert Silk spoke with Kate Wilson, Vail's vice president of environmental and social responsibility, about the company's progress and how it plans to reach that ambitious 2030 goal.

Women breaking ceilings in the aviation industry

While women are heavily involved in the aviation industry in jobs like cabin crew and air traffic control, they have historically been sidelined when it comes to flying or fixing planes.

Trailblazing women paving the way for greener travel

As part of our IWD coverage, Euronews Travel spoke to a number of women working in travel who are determined to make a difference in the industry.

Challenges arise when travelers find tours that are too authentic

Off the beaten track’ tours are designed to show the unfiltered realities of local life, which can sometimes include aspects that are surprising or challenging for travelers.

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Hotel Verdant achieves renewable energy trifecta with wind, solar, and geothermal

Dominion Properties, developer of two LEED Platinum multifamily buildings in southeastern Wisconsin, has just achieved LEED Gold for its boutique Hotel Verdant that utilizes geothermal, solar and wind technologies—a renewable energy trifecta not found in any other U.S. hotel.