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How Barcelona lost its way

Politics has fostered a deep sense of malaise in a city that is one of the most visited in Europe. Street crime is rising and many businesses have left.

The Future of Destination Marketing: How NFTs Can Promote Unique Travel Experiences

NFTs can be used to showcase the unique features and experiences of a particular location, and to create a sense of exclusivity and collectability that can attract travelers and investors.

When a Visit to the Museum Becomes an Ethical Dilemma

Western museums are major tourist attractions, drawing travelers from around the world. But what responsibility do we bear as spectators for patronizing institutions that display what critics say are stolen works?

Greenland Wants You to Visit. But Not All at Once.

The Arctic island, renowned for its glaciers and fjords, is expanding airports and hotels to energize its economy, even as it tries to avoid the pitfalls of overtourism.

To Airbnb or not to Airbnb: is it ethical to rent property to holidaymakers during a housing crisis?

It’s a question individual owners in Australia are asking themselves – but one that may be better directed to governments and corporates

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