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Atrium Hospitality introduces WomenRISE Program

Coinciding with Women’s History Month this month, Atrium Hospitality announced the launch of WomenRISE, the company’s new Hotel General Manager Development Program targeted to female leaders.

Women breaking ceilings in the aviation industry

While women are heavily involved in the aviation industry in jobs like cabin crew and air traffic control, they have historically been sidelined when it comes to flying or fixing planes.

Aena recieves the “Equality in the Company” label

The Ministry for Equality has awarded Aena the “Equality in the Company” (DIE) distinction for its firm commitment in this area. This recognition underlines that Aena stands out in a relevant and especially significant way in the application of equal treatment and equal opportunities policies for its workers.

Hotels appoint more women and Black directors to their boards

Hotel boards are becoming decidedly more diverse, with growing numbers of seats now held by women and Black members, a 2022 study conducted by the American Hotel & Lodging (AHLA) Foundation found.

Empowering Sri Lankan women through a 300 km walking trail

The first of the Pekoe Trail’s 22 segments was opened in 2021, shining a light on life in Sri Lanka’s tea estates.

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