Contribute to World Bank Group review of Nature-based tourism tools and resources

Contribute to World Bank Group review of Nature-based tourism tools and resourcesThe World Bank is committed to tackling the world’s toughest development challenges – especially poverty and inequality. All of our resources – our global development knowledge, investment capital, financial expertise and country presence – are devoted to making the world a more just and prosperous place. Tourism can play an integral role in helping us fulfill this mission.  In many developing countries, tourism promotes inclusive economic growth, creating jobs and attracting foreign investors.

Nature-based tourism is a growing sector, and last year the World Bank released its Sustaining Sustainable Livelihoods through Wildlife Tourism report describing how nature-based tourism can be used by developing countries to diversify economies while protecting biodiversity and contributing to sustainable development.

The World Bank is interested to understand what tools and resources are already available to support developing countries plan for and implement sustainable nature-based tourism offerings. So the World Bank has commissioned a comprehensive review of the tools and knowledge resources that could be used both by World Bank staff, protected area authorities, and those that provide technical support, to help prepare and implement better nature-based tourism.

Here are some examples to illustrate:

This initiative will provide a consolidated list of available tools and identify gaps of knowledge within nature-based tourism that can be used in the future to design new studies and technical papers. It will also generate a repository that contains all the information (guidelines, “how-to”, best practices), and a synthesis of valuable information.

We would like to invite to you to contribute to this process, through a short survey, to help ensure that all applicable tools and resources are captured.

The survey should take just 5-10 minutes to complete, and it will be open until 30 April 2019. To access the survey, click here, or paste this link into your web browser

Anna Spenceley
Anna Spenceley
Dr Anna Spenceley is a renowned tourism expert with over 20 years international experience and an extensive publication record, rich diversity of project experience, an international network of associates with whom she collaborates. She is chair of the IUCN’s World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group (TAPAS Group).

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