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What does the future hold for short-term rentals in European Cities?

A comprehensive review of how short term rentals have evolved in Europe over the past seven years was carried out by Toposophy for HORTEC.

ABTA launches new sustainability advice to members

ABTA has launched new guidance to help travel agents incorporate sustainability into their business practices. The guidance was developed in response to feedback from members.

New guidelines to measure the value of tourism in protected areas

The guidelines, developed by a team of international experts, aim to help national stakeholders, protected area managers and researchers count visitation and measure economic impacts consistently through a standardised approach.

How to build forward better: Interview with Ellen Walker-Matthews from the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association

TOTA is an award-winning tourism association based in British Columbia, Canada, and a founding signatory of the Future of Tourism Coalition. In this interview with their vice president, we find out how they’re building upon the pillars of sustainable tourism to not only preserve and protect, but to create positive impacts and inspire meaningful change. Ellen also shares her top tips for destinations just embarking on their journey to become more sustainable.

How the circular economy can build resilience in small island destinations

In the circular economy model, there are no economic activities related to the consumption of finite resources. By keeping products and materials in use for as long as possible, no waste is created. Applying this economic model in small island destinations would make them less reliant on new input and more resilience.

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Natural Habitat Adventures’ new Carbon Clear Vision Program

Natural Habitat Adventures, a global leader in responsible nature travel and the conservation travel partner of World Wildlife Fund (WWF), recently released its first annual Sustainability Report accompanied by a major new initiative called Carbon Clear Vision.