Tourism Concern launches Animals in Tourism report

Tourism Concern launches Animals in Tourism reportTourism Concern has released a new report, Animals in Tourism, that presents findings from desk-based research, which sought to address the following questions:
  • What are wildlife attractions?
  • What are the ethics of wildlife attractions?
  • Is it possible to identify best practice in wildlife attractions?

Wildlife attractions are very diverse, although they can broadly be grouped into five distinct categories.

  1. Interactions with captive animals (zoos, elephant trekking);
  2. Sanctuaries (whose main purpose is to protect wild animals)
  3. Wildlife farms where tourists observe animals bred for another purpose (such as crocodile farms);
  4. Street performances (such as snake charming);
  5. Wild attractions such as gorilla trekking.

The report excluded consumptive wildlife tourism, such as hunting and fishing as tourists undertaking these activities will be aware of their direct impacts on the wildlife. Whilst some claim the lucrative business of big game or trophy hunting can help conservation; Tourism Concern, as a principle, does not believe that the killing or harming of animals for either fun or sport can ever be ethical or justified.

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