New EU Ecolabel criteria for Tourist Accommodation Services

New EU Ecolabel criteria for Tourist Accommodation ServicesThe European Commission has designed a new service group “Tourist Accommodation”, which combine the two former service groups, “Tourist Accommodation Services” and “Campsite Services” into one single group.  “Tourist Accommodation Services” and “Campsite Services” are currently the most popular service groups within the EU Ecolabel scheme (making up 40% of total EU Ecolabel licences).

The new criteria focus on addressing the present-day environmental hotspots in the hotels sector and are simplified to facilitate the verification process for the applicants.  They look to limit energy and water consumption, reduce waste (including food waste), minimise CO2 footprint, and limit emissions of hazardous substances to the surrounding environment. They also look to improve labour conditions, including setting new requirements for employee minimum wage, insurance and working hours.

The criteria for “Tourist Accommodation” will be valid for a period of 5 years.

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