Category: Certification shifts focus to third-party certifications

Reaffirming’s commitment to showcase more sustainable travel options to all of its customers, and to help support accommodation partners on actions they can take to operate more sustainably, the leading digital travel platform has announced some updates to how it will display more sustainable choices to travelers around the world, focusing on third-party certifications.

Spotlighting sustainability in the STR space

This week’s move by to drop its “Travel Sustainable” badge program for accommodations shines a spotlight on the need for clear, meaningful communication related to environmental practices in the travel industry.

GRI releases new biodiversity standard for implementation

As nature faces unprecedented pressures, with human activity the leading cause for one million animal and plant species being pushed to the brink of extinction, GRI has published a major update to its Biodiversity Standard.

Emerging trends in hotel sustainability certification

GSTC’s Roi Ariel shares how the increasing number of certification bodies is changing the meetings industry.

Coral Expeditions inducted into the Ecotourism Hall of Fame

Coral Expeditions, Australia’s pioneering cruise line, was recently inducted into the Ecotourism Hall of Fame in recognition of two decades of unwavering commitment to advanced and sustainable Ecotourism practices.

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