Unpacking the big Airbnb announcement of “Trips”


I manage Urban Adventures, the business in the world that most closely represents the direction that Airbnb have announced as their next area to tackle in hospitality – their “Experiences”, trips or as they say – “immersions”.

As such I think I’m pretty well placed to take a deep dive into today’s announcement and do a little crystal ball on what the road ahead might look like for this new innovation for the biggest new kid on the block in Travel.

If you missed it, Airbnb have just launched their newest and actually their first new product since they started out as a share economy option for home sharing. Of course the ride since then has been a meteoric one with the company now valued at around $30B.

This is an excerpt from an article published by Tony Carne, General Manager at Urban Adventures Ltd. To read the full story, visit LinkedIn.

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