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DER Touristik Foundation invites applications for project funding

New projects to support sustainable tourism around the world are invited to apply for funding via the DER Touristik Foundation, as part of a new drive to raise awareness of the Foundation and its goals.

Outdooractive & Green Destinations partner to promote sustainable tourism

In this interview, Hartmut Wimmer explains why Outdooractive partnered with Green Destinations and how destinations can benefit from this collaboration

How to see the Medellín beyond “Narcos”

Colombia-based Impulse Travel offers community-led tours in different parts of Medellín that are helping to change the city’s narrative. The aim is to let community leaders paint a more realistic picture of the city for visitors whose image of Medellín is still associated with the drug lord Pablo Escobar.

How bike-share programs change urban tourism

Bike-share programs became more popular during the lockdown, as more people looked for alternatives to public transport. Even though the programs targeted residents, tourists accounted for more than a third of all users. By bike, tourists reach new neighbourhoods, distributing economic and social benefits of tourism activity more widely.

Travelling with a purpose: for some, it’s a 2021 resolution

The crises of 2020, particularly the pandemic and violence against Black Americans, have caused many travellers to rethink how and where to travel. The recent rollout of vaccines gives some hope that they may be able to enact their plans sometime in the next year or two – and shift towards more values-driven travel.

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