Winners of The Sustainable Destinations Top 100 announced


The Sustainable Destinations Top 100 was unveiled for the second time on September 27th – World Tourism Day and the newly announced Global Green Destinations Day. The awards are designed to celebrate the efforts of tourism destinations’ responsible and sustainable tourism initiatives.

The list is the result of open calls in newswires, social and business media. Destinations could be nominated by any interested party through a form that was available online.

Based on 15 core criteria of the Green Destinations Standard, nominators had to provide extensive information on the destination and on its efforts towards sustainability for the benefit of visitors, residents and the world.

Over 150 nominations were received. All nominations were evaluated by experts of the Green Destinations Top 100 Team and by members of the special Top 100 Selection Panel, that included over 60 tourism sustainability experts.

The Top 100 initiative aims to recognise tourism destinations that have worked hard to make a difference and take sustainability seriously. Nevertheless, the organisers emphasised that no destination is 100% sustainable and even in the selected destinations important issues remain to be solved.


Furthermore, due to a lack of data, the carbon emission emitted by travellers on their way to arrive at the destination was not currently taken into account in this competition.

The list of selected destinations is available on Top 100 Sustainable Destinations.

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