Startup offers Sustainable Tourism in remote Amazon

Yanomamis Startup

At 2,995 meters (9,827ft), Pico da Neblina is Brazil’s highest point. Located in a remote Amazon area next to the Venezuelan border, it has been closed to tourists since 2003 when it was granted to native Brazilian populations. However, one of the largest indigenous groups in the area, the Yanomamis, is trying to set up an initiative to offer tourism services in Pico da Neblina. The Yanomamis startup; Yaripo hope that it will help them to monitor their territory, particularly against invasions from miners looking to illegally exploit the region.

The entire expedition that the Yanomamis hope to offer lasts eight days, and includes accommodation in typical indigenous houses (malocas) along the way. The estimated price is about $2,000 per traveler. If everything goes according to plan, the tourism startup will begin its activities in 2018.

This is an excerpt from an article first published by Plus55. Read the original article here: Startup offers Sustainable Tourism in remote amazon.

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