Kartong ecotourism project successfully completed in Gambia

Kartong ecotourism project successfully completed in Gambia

The Kartong Ecotourism project has recently been completed in the Gambia, after eighteen months of implementation, thanks to the EuropaMundo Foundation’s funds. The project has been executed in close collaboration with the local NGO, ASSET, Association for Small Scale Entrepreneurs of Tourism, and the Gambia Tourism Board.

The main objectives of the project were to develop new and sustainable community-based tourism activities and SME development and create pro-poor employment opportunities. More specifically, Kartong Tesito Camp was renovated and developed into a camping site with proper waste disposal arrangements; moreover, new activities were created around Tesito Camp, such as Gambian cookery classes with the village women and youths.

Further, training programmes were conducted for the production of crafts from degradable waste, for the management of small tourism enterprises and a local tourism association, and for the protection of marine and coastal ecosystems.

A familiarization tour was organized with national and international tour operators in order to sell village excursions in Kartong and use the facilities at the Tesito Camp, including its restaurant for refreshments.

Finally, the renovated Tesito Camp was inaugurated on 13th February 2016 in Kartong with the presence of Representatives of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, the Gambia Tourism Board, the ASSET Executive Members, the village Head, Representatives of Women and Youth Associations, as well as other partners involved in this project. The Director General of the Gambia Tourism Board thanked all the stakeholders and concluded by saying: “This Public Private Partnership is a new initiative in the Gambia and the plan is to pilot it here first and eventually do it with other communities across the country”.

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