Campaigners seek international support to save Bali’s Benoa Bay

Campaigners seek international support to save Bali’s Benoa Bay

Campaigners resisting a major new tourism development in Bali are calling for support from around the world. Southern Bali is already experiencing overdevelopment and an oversupply of accommodation. Yet this is where a proposed new mega resort may go ahead if the government cannot be persuaded to turn down proposals.

The site, Benoa Bay, is home to local communities who earn their living from environmentally friendly occupations, from fishing to small scale tourism activities. These are now under threat, along with the larger marine and coastal environment. A huge mass movement is now gearing up to challenge the proposal but wants global support to help change government minds.

The campaign is led by ForBALI (, an alliance of civil society organisations, students, NGOs, artists, youth , musicians, academics and individuals who care about the environment and have confidence that the Gulf Reclamation Benoa Bali proposal is a destructive policy.

They have launched a petition for everyone who cares about Bali to consider signing. Here is a rough English translation of the petition request:

“We are petitioning President Jokowi to immediately revoke Presidential Regulation No. 51 of 2014. If you are from outside Bali , we ask you also to support the movement by signing our online petition TolakReklamasiTelukBenoa Pak @Jokowi : Cancel the Presidential Decree 51 of 2014. It is easy and fast to do by simply entering your name and email address. Please sign and spread the word! Each signature is very meaningful.”

You can sign the Petition online via

There is also some background information in a recent Guardian article

Read the original article on Tourism Concern: Save Bali’s Benoa Bay! |

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