Why #FeesMustFall protest has silenced the white travel industry 

Why #FeesMustFall protest has silenced the white travel industry #FeesMustFall represents issues far larger and more deep-seated than the escalating cost of tertiary education in South Africa. As Eusebius McKaiser usually writes for the New York Times about the fall of the statues and then the call for fees to be slashed: “But they miss the point. The core issue is a prevalent feeling, and experience, of exclusion among many black students in universities across the country, even where they are a numerical majority.”

I think you can rightfully extrapolate this without much fiddling to represent what is happening in the world of travel media and tourism in South Africa too. Black voices are a minority here, and token in some cases, in a country where they form a majority. A majority who does not, and if things are left as is, will never on the whole, have an opportubity to experience and travel through South Africa. This is a world where PR events and media launches remain lilly-white, and “cool” blacks are pounced upon to include in “rainbow nation” social media images.

Source: Why #FeesMustFall has Silenced the White Travel Industry | Food and the Fabulous

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