Sustainable tourism in the Balkans – interview with Aleksandar Donev

Sustainable tourism in the Balkans - interview with Aleksandar Donev

About the current state of sustainable tourism in the Balkans is and how the new Balkan Green project will contribute to its development

This article is part of the “Sustainable tourism insights” interview series with speakers and participants of the Green Destinations Conference in Athens, Greece held in September 2022.

Aleksandar Donev is the Founder and CEO of Mustseedonia, and the Co-founder of Balkan Green. Anula Galewska, Travindy’s Managing Director, asked Aleksandar to share his insights about sustainable tourism in the Balkans and how the new Balkan Green can help tourism in the region thrive.

Balkan Green is an initiative, which brings together destination representatives from all Balkan countries, with an ambitious goal to develop and promote sustainable tourism in the region through cooperation and creating synergies. Balkan Green is about to launch an online platform, which will connect key professionals from all Balkan countries with other destinations and businesses to work together on sustainable development of the region.

According to Aleksandar, among all Balkan countries, Slovenia is the most advanced in terms of sustainable development which makes it a good advisor for the whole region. The western Balkans (Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, and Albania) are a bit behind. That is why the aim of the Balkan Green project is to raise awareness, educate and explain that sustainability is a commitment that the whole region can benefit from.

One of the main challenges is to create synergy between countries but even though each country has its own political context, there are a lot of similarities. Balkan Green provides a great opportunity for collaboration and communication on a regional level, which helps to work on the agenda and promote the Balkans as one whole destination for overseas markets.        

Watch the interview with Aleksandar Donev:

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