Green Destinations Top 100 Stories: 2022 list unveiled

Green Destinations Top 100 Stories: 2022 list unveiled

The Green Destinations Top 100 Stories 2022 list was unveiled during Green Destinations Conference in Athens

Green Destinations was proud to unveil another edition of the Green Destinations Top 100 Stories, sharing and promoting stories that recount innovative and effective initiatives and projects from destinations working towards more sustainable development globally.

Green Destinations Top 100 Stories is an annual competition organised by Green Destinations. The competition is held under the auspices of the Top 100 Partnership, supported by the Future of Tourism Coalition, with special contributions by: Green Destinations, QualityCoast, Travelife, ITB Berlin, Asian Ecotourism Network, Ecotourism Australia, Global Ecotourism Network, Sustainable First.

This 8th edition has generated an inspiring collection of Good Practice Stories from resilient destinations worldwide. These good practices will be shared with destination managers, tour operators and visitors to facilitate knowledge sharing in the tourism industry. By telling their stories, destination management organisations can be acknowledged and recognised for the solutions they have implemented in response to their challenges and problems. With the tourism sector facing very challenging times in the past years, these destinations’ resiliency and hard work to become more responsible should be celebrated. All selected destinations have also been evaluated on the Green Destinations Core Criteria, from the Green Destinations Standard – recognised by the GSTC, identified as the basics of sustainability performance.

Submissions were evaluated by the Top 100 evaluator team, country experts and Green Destinations partners, coordinated by Green Destinations. Criteria such as the quality, transferability, level of innovation in the stories and presence of all sustainability pillars were considered in the selection.

The Top 100 Committee, chaired by Albert Salman, President of Green Destinations, has stressed that selecting the Top 100 list does not mean the destination is sustainable. Rather, the selection acknowledges that the destination has been pre-selected based on a minimum level of compliance with the core criteria of the Green Destinations Standard and selected to the list based on the assessment of their Good Practice Story.

The list of Top 100 Destinations with their good practice stories is available here.

Travindy was a media partner of the Green Destinations Conference 2022.

Travindy is an independent website featuring news and opinion on all issues to do with tourism and sustainability. Written primarily for an industry audience, our aim is to support the transformation of the sector into one that is regenerative, restorative and fully inclusive.

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