Slow travel, staycations and city life: How will we travel in 2022?

Slow travel, staycations and city life: How will we travel in 2022?

Staycations are here to stay

With borders opening across the world, some people will be desperate to catch the next plane abroad. However, many of us have been learning about the hidden gems on our doorsteps with this extensive time spent at home. Our love for staycations will flow into 2022, as we continue to explore the beautiful, diverse and lesser-known landscapes, from wonderful wild spots to overlooked small towns.

Seeing places without the crowds

For those who do want to venture beyond their homes, there might not be a better time to visit some of those bucket list destinations, especially any honeypot sites. Travel will continue to be quieter than it was pre-pandemic, meaning popular cities, landmarks and tourist attractions will have fewer visitors, creating a much more relaxed experience, especially out of season.

Slow and sustainable 

After years of chasing our favourite destinations, flitting from country to country, trying to cross off as many places on our scratch maps as possible, the pandemic forced us to stop in our tracks and reassess. What do we want from travel? If we want to experience the truly authentic side of a place, we need to slow down, stay longer and take it all in. It’s a chance to connect with the people, culture, and our surroundings. It’s a way to live like the locals do, and explore deeper, by train, bike, or foot. On top of this, slow travel will reduce your carbon footprint, minimising your impact on the environment. Bonus!

Travelling by train 

With slow travel going full steam ahead, it looks like there is going to be a boom in people exploring destinations by rail. With new, eco-friendly trainlines popping up all over the world, it will be easier, now more than ever, to admire some of the most scenic spots of a country from the comfort of a cosy carriage. Whether you’re there to enjoy the ride, or just trying to get from A to B, or – trains are in.

This is an excerpt from an article by Team Wanderlust, originally published by Wanderlust

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