New hotel survey on ocean conservation

In partnership with EU ocean conservation NGO Sciaena, we have launched a new hotel survey on ocean conservation and if you are a tourism accommodation provider (any size, type or location) currently starting, developing or scaling up ocean conservation initiatives, then we want to hear from YOU!

Our new survey forms the final stage of our research project, and aims to:

  • identify different best practice approaches that hotels are taking on ocean conservation
  • find out what the challenges are for hotels starting, developing or scaling their initiatives, and finally
  • to find out what support is needed in a post-Covid world to help hoteliers further protect our oceans as natural stewards of our oceans.

This survey is targeted at global tourist accommodation providers of all sizes and types that are specifically developing, implementing or scaling-up initiatives to protect our oceans.

We want to hear from you: take the survey here

One of our project objectives is to raise awareness of the excellent, and very different ocean conservation initiatives that hoteliers are achieving, from solutions to help reduce invasive lionfish in the Caribbean, and new ‘circular economy’ business models in South East Asia turning ocean plastics into local construction materials, to educating guests on sunscreen pollution, and handing out complimentary reef-friendly sun lotions.

Dr Catherine Wilson, research project director, and associate with Sciaena highlights “we are keen to reach as many hotels as possible for this survey to actively hear their experiences, views, and challenges and to identify the support needed to help new hotels start their journey, further develop, or replicate their ocean conservation projects to help mitigate against the global ocean crisis, and to support SDG14 on oceans”

What is your hotel doing on ocean conservation? Tell us in our survey here

This could be nature-based tours and education, marine research; habitat or wildlife restoration; working in partnership with ocean NGOs or getting guests involved in beach clean-ups.

We are aware that successful initiative delivery, however, is not without challenge. Hoteliers need support to scale impact.

What challenges has your hotel faced starting out, developing or scaling its ocean conservation initiatives?

What support does your hotel need to start out, develop, scale or replicate initiatives on ocean conservation? 

Public concern for our oceans, climate change and protecting the natural world are at a record high. There are early signs that this is affecting the choices people are making when booking post-covid holidays and accommodation, with preferences towards more sustainable companies.

This survey is your opportunity to tell us about the wonderful initiatives you are developing so far, and the challenges you had so far on your sustainability journey, as well as the support you need to develop or scale further to help protect our global oceans from challenges such as endangered species, plastic pollution, illegal fishing and habitat destruction.

Our survey will form a forthcoming survey of case studies and recommendations. If you would like a copy, please leave your email address at the end of the survey.

The survey takes 10-15 minutes to complete. All responses will be confidential.

Take the survey here

Article by Katie O’Neill. 

Travindy is an independent website featuring news and opinion on all issues to do with tourism and sustainability. Written primarily for an industry audience, our aim is to support the transformation of the sector into one that is regenerative, restorative and fully inclusive.

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