Global tourism organisations unite to create Coalition for ​the Future of Tourism

Global tourism organisations unite to create Coalition for ​the  Future of Tourism

Six organizations have come together for the first time to form ​The Future of Tourism Coalition​ with the global mission to place destinations​ ​at the center of recovery strategies: ​the Center for Responsible Travel (CREST), ​Destination Stewardship Center, Green Destinations, ​Sustainable Travel International, ​Tourism Cares, and ​the Travel Foundation, with the guidance of the ​Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

Decades of unfettered growth in travel have put the world’s treasured places at risk – environmentally, culturally, socially, and financially. The travel and tourism industries face a precarious and uncertain future due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, with ​international tourist numbers projected to fall 60-80% in 2020​. ​As tourism moves forward and recovers, re-centering around a strong​ set of principles is vital for long term sustainable and equitable growth.

To rally global change, the Coalition has put forth Guiding Principles that outline a bold vision for tourism’s path forward and is calling on ​tourism agencies, travel companies, governments, investors, non-governmental organizations, and destination communities to ​commit to them.

Twenty-two founding signatories who represent a diverse cross-section of key industry stakeholders have committed thus far. They are influencers in the movement, demonstrating leadership and adherence to the Guiding Principles in their product and business practices.  They ​will provide guidance to the Coalition as plans are put in place to support travel and tourism entities long-term in their strategy to place destinations and communities at the core of their work.

Interested travel and tourism stakeholders are invited to show their support and become part of the movement by joining as signatories. Visit​ ​​. The Guiding Principles provide a clear moral and business imperative for building a healthier tourism industry while protecting the places and people on which it depends. Those Principles call for signatories to:

  1. See the whole picture
  2. Use sustainability standards
  3. Collaborate in destination management
  4. Choose quality over quantity
  5. Demand fair income distribution
  6. Reduce tourism’s burden
  7. Redefine economic success
  8. Mitigate climate impacts
  9. Close the loop on resources
  10. Contain tourism’s land use
  11. Diversify source markets
  12. Protect sense of place
  13. Operate business responsibly

The foundation of these principles was built on a firm belief that taking a holistic approach to responsible and sustainable tourism is the only way to secure the future the Coalition stands for.

This is an excerpt from a joint press release. The full version can be seen here

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