A better way forward for elephant tourism in Northern Thailand

A better way forward for elephant tourism in Northern Thailand

Since Southeast Asia has risen in popularity as a tourist destination in the last decades, the tourism industry has been growing rapidly as well. Along the growth of the tourism, there are also environmental concerns and worries that the local culture might be swept away by the mass tourism.

While this is partly true, there is also a new consciousness and movement that promotes a sustainable way of exploring a country and a lot of progress has already been made to establish a more Eco-Friendly tourism industry.

Whereas tourists have often visited elephant riding farms in the past, there is now a new market for a more animal-friendly tourism industry.

In Chiang Rai, Thailand, a new model of tourism is emerging that is proving that it is possible to provide an engaging animal interaction experience for tourists in a way that is ethical, cruelty-free and economically sustainable.

An increasing number of sanctuaries are proving that elephants, instead of transporting tourists or other workloads, can live in their habitat freely while also bringing joy to tourists. But how?

This is an excerpt from an article originally published by Chiang Rai Times.

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