Dominica launches Mas Domnik 2018 under the theme ‘Celebrating our traditions’

Dominica launches Mas Domnik 2018 under the theme ‘Celebrating our traditions'The Official Media Launch of Dominica’s Carnival – Mas Domnik 2018, which took place last Friday, placed the minds of Dominican patrons and visitors alike, to comfort, as details of what is expected to be one of the most traditionally spontaneous Carnival was made available to the public. Post Maria, many Dominicans have set out to rebuild and reaffirm relationships with a determination that demonstrates Dominica’s event and cultural tourism is alive and well. With the devastation suffered, efforts to promote the island as the number one destination have been wedged back tremendously leading organizers to influence Dominicans to celebrate what is still current and true – our traditions. This enabled a captivating and exciting tagline – ‘Celebrating Our Traditions’!

Attendees at the Launch included Senator Robert Tonge, Minister for Tourism and Urban Renewal who presented the Feature Address, further expanding on the way forward for Dominica’s Carnival. Senator Tonge impressed the importance of Carnival by describing it as one of the most creative and imaginative aspects of the Dominican life. Senator Robert Tongue reminded the public of the economic benefits of hosting such a national event, “Mas Domnik provides a unique opportunity for our creative community – costume builders, song writers, music producers, seamstresses, tailors and performers of varying kinds to rise to the occasion and present their craft in a unique and distinct manner”.


This is an excerpt from an article originally published by Dominica – the Nature Island

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