Reserve takes pride in new lions to boost conservation

Reserve takes pride in new lions to boost conservation

Three lions are scheduled to start life in a new home in the Somkhanda Community Game Reserve, near Mkuze, in the north of KwaZuluNatal.

The two females and one male will be brought in from the and Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve, where lion breeding has been so successful that the sanctuary has been able to stock other reserves.

“Wild lion numbers are declining across Africa, due mainly to habitat loss and poaching,” said conservation manager for and Beyond, Simon Naylor.

“It’s crucial for the future protection and conservation of the African lion that we expand and protect new ranges.

“The introduction of lion into the Somkhanda Game Reserve is a massive boost for lion conservation in KwaZuluNatal, South Africa and Africa.

“It will help reverse the current trend of declining lion numbers and wild lion range.”

“This lion translocation was inspired by a groundbreaking feature documentary, Blood Lions, which exposed the captive breeding and canned hunting industry” said wildlife organisation, Wildlands, which is overseeing the operation.

“The lion will be housed in a boma for about six to nine weeks to adjust to their new environment, and Wildlands hope to release them onto the Somkhanda Reserve at the end of July”.

This article was first published by Blood Lions. Read the original article here: Reserve takes pride in new lions

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