Greek Tourism Award goes to


Greek Tourism Award goes to

In 2016 and 2017, Visit Meteora was awarded the golden prize of the Greek Tourism Awards, for its excellence in destination marketing/branding and management of Meteora. This company offers an exclusive mixture of enjoyable and memorable travel experiences both in the Meteora region and also around it, ranging from soft adventures and sight-seeing tours to day trips and transfers in one of the most breathtaking places of Greece.

Visit Meteora is a group of travel professionals and local destination experts who have combined their talents, knowledge, resources, and travel passion to become the pioneers of a Destination Management Company in Meteora Greece. They take great pride that all of their tours are highly rated by customers, proving the company’s long-lasting commitment to excellence in everything it does. Above all, the main goal for the past years has been to bring visitors in touch with the essence of what a Meteora visit is all about: a deeply transformative experience in a natural wonder.

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