12 Keys to a Profitable Responsible Travel Website – Join our Webinar!

profitable responsible travel website

Travindy has partnered with Travel Massive and created a series of webinars on sustainable tourism management and marketing for those, who already have or are about to start their responsible travel businesses.

The first webinar – “12 Keys to a Profitable Responsible Travel Website” – will be hosted on the 6th of April at 12PM London time.

Websites are the best, most affordable marketing tool for small responsible travel businesses. But sadly, few green and ethical businesses understand how to utilize these powerful marketing vehicle to boost sales, attract more travelers and communicate what makes them different in a way that makes sense for the travelers.

During this webinar we will teach you (by sharing many practical tips and examples) how to use your website to market sustainability efforts, in a way that is credible and meaningful to your current and potential customers, without greenwashing.

What you will learn:

  • Which parts of your website are made to brag about your green credentials?
  • How to avoid greenwashing and green myopia?
  • How to brag about sustainability in a compelling way, without scaring a potential customer?
  • What a “responsible travel” tab should and should not look like?
  • How to use your website to boost sales in a low tourist season?
  • How your website can keep your previous customers come back?
  • How a website can encourage your guests to spend more and stay longer?

This webinar is addressed to small responsible tour companies, privately owned green hotels and booking websites that don’t know how to promote their story online, and fail at attracting the right customers.

Check the details and register for “12 Keys to a Profitable Responsible Travel Website” here. RSVP by the 29th of March to get your Early Bird Ticket!

To learn more about the upcoming webinars, join the Responsible Tourism Chapter on Travel Massive.

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