12 Tips for Purpose-Driven Storytelling and Sustainability Communication

Purpose-Driven Storytelling

In a world where consumers are increasingly buying into brands that stand for more than just positive gains in profit, having the ability to clearly communicate your company’s social good efforts is more important than ever. From educating consumers on how to make better consumption and lifestyle choices, to inspiring other business leaders and decision makers to follow suit, the opportunities that come with being a purpose-driven company (and being able to effectively communicate this differentiating factor) extend far beyond the sales numbers.

As with most things in life, however, these opportunities don’t come without challenges – challenges which tend to stem from the lack of both strategic and creative communication knowledge and leadership skills.

While sustainable communication and purpose-led storytelling is most certainly an external, strategic communication effort, it also starts and rests on your internal leadership abilities. Whether you’re a global, purpose-led responsibility driver or a smaller start-up, being prepared, agile, and resilient is key.

This is an excerpt from an article originally published on Sustainable Brands.

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