Understanding your Target Audience. Guide to Sustainable Tourism Marketing Part 2

How well do you understand your target audience? Do you know who will appreciate knowing you are working to be sustainable and who is just looking for some time off and a great holiday?

You have to divide your target audience into segments and deliver a message that will resonate with the motivations and expectations of each group.

Very few customers will travel to your hotel or use your services for altruistic reasons. People are traveling because they want to have good time. Very few would, on the other hand, avoid your product just because it’s sustainable. Your target audience is somewhere in between.

What you really want to do is to be able to say: “I’m giving much better product and my customers enjoy a much better experience because my product is green”.

We have identified these three markets:

“What’s in it for me”
Tell them that sustainability is quality and gives them a better experience

“Not bothered”
Show them that you care, unobtrusively

“I care for the planet and society”
Tell them the difference you make

sustainable tourism marketing target audience


To find more practical tips and case studies about target audience segmentation and communications,

download Part 2 of our free Essential Guide to Sustainable Tourism Marketing.

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