ATTA Launches Re-Designed Website for Responsible Travelers

atta website

“The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) has just launched the newly redesigned Adventure.Travel website. Adventure.Travel is the consumer-facing companion website of the ATTA, showcasing the association’s members and partners. The website compiles hundreds of responsible tour operators, travel advisors, adventure destinations and accommodations and features trips, traveler reviews, photos, videos and articles in a searchable format for easy traveler access.

“Adventure.Travel is much more than just a marketplace of adventure trips,” said ATTA VP of Marketing and Communications Casey Hanisko. “It’s designed to be a community of responsible travelers. We added a new tagline ‘Inspiring Impactful Travel’ so that it’s clear that these trips and these places aren’t just about fun and adrenaline; they are also educational, inspirational and mind-opening.”


This is an excerpt from an article first published by Casey Hanisko on Adventure Travel News. Read the original article here: Inspiring Impact: ATTA Launches Re-Designed Adventure.Travel Website for Responsible Travelers

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