ITP releases Know How Guide to green hotel certifications


ITP (the International Tourism Partnership) has released the latest in its series of free Know How Guides for hoteliers, helping them steer a path through the main sustainable hotel certification schemes.

Many hoteliers seeking certification for their greener hotel will know there is a broad range of different schemes available, and understanding which one is the best for you can be prove difficult. Some schemes are more rigorous than others and they all have a different focus and differing levels to attain.

The Know How Guide offers a detailed look at what each scheme entails and tests, as well as the different available levels of certification, how extensive the questioning and authentication and whether there is a cost.

A handy database at the end of the Guide allows readers a quick comparison of all the schemes included.

You can download the Know How Guide to Sustainable Hotel Certification Schemes here. To see other Know How Guides which help hoteliers tackle issues including food waste, water reduction, communicating sustainability and human trafficking, visit Know How Guide section.


This article was originally published on Green Hotelier.

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