New subscription streaming service will fund anti poaching efforts

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Over And Above Africa is harnessing the global outrage of poaching by creating an online portal offering subscribers 24/7 access to exciting filmed content from Africa, in return for a small monthly subscription fee. The profits from the subscription fees will go into the Over And Above Africa Fund and be distributed swiftly to effective, boots-on-the-ground anti-poaching initiatives in Africa.  The Fund will be filmed in use and the stories streamed back to the O&A portal for members to see their contributions hard at work, attacking the war on poaching.

Using the latest technology, the content the service streams will be a mixture of award winning photography and film clips, drone and aerials views over Africa and news stories from the ground along with moderated, user generated content. Social media will play a strong role in allowing members to connect with like-minded people around the world.

OVER AND ABOVE AFRICA will charge a nominal monthly fee or $1 day passes to millions of caring individuals around the globe, creating a community united to end poaching.  The organisation is partnering with representatives of the safari sector, including Nambiti Private Game ReserveGreat Plains Conservation and Infinite Safari Adventures, along with NGOs including Cheetah Conservation Fund and Rhinos Without Borders

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