Intrepid’s MD discusses the future of responsible tourism

Intrepid's MD discusses the future of responsible tourism“We now live in an age where countries – and brands – must be prepared to be transparent. Technology and globalisation has taken us to a point where there are very few places for bad business decisions to be hidden.”

Social media is forcing brands that may have been slow to take a stance on issues to move quickly. Nobody wants to be the last one to do the right thing, but as industry leaders we shouldn’t be content with following the crowd either. Average is just failure in disguise. Being the first to tackle an issue means putting your brand’s reputation out there.”

James Thornton, MD of Intrepid Travel, recently shared his thoughts on the future of tourism. He discussed supporting Nepal after the earthquake, why his company decided to stop promoting elephant riding, and why what drives him is his belief that responsible travel companies “have the ability to change the way travellers see the world.”

You can read the whole interview here: What should the future of travel be? We chat with Intrepid’s MD, James Thornton | Intrepid Travel Blog

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