German Ecotrophea award open for applications


Every year since 1987 the German Travel Association (DVR) has awarded the international prize EcoTrophea for exemplary projects in sustainable tourism.

DRV presents awards to extraordinary initiatives in the field of tourism which take ecological and social interests into due account and contribute towards sustainable travel offerings reaching as many guests as possible. Applications can refer to individual travel offerings, holiday country destinations, services or initiatives which support the orientation towards sustainability in tourism in a particular manner.

From all entries, the jury nominates three candidates for the EcoTrophea, one of which will be awarded as the winner. The Award Ceremony will take place at DRV’s Annual Convention which will be hosted in Kusadasi/Turkey, from October 26th to  October 30th, 2016. A representative of the winning project will be invited to the ceremony.

All submitted projects will also be presented with photo and link on DRV’s website and through DRV’s own press activities.

Coverage by leading German trade papers and the general interest press assures the winning project a high visibility and easy access to numerous German and international contacts.

You can download or fill in the online application form here. Please note that – depending on the browser you use – you might need to save the PDF-form before you can complete it.

Applications must be in before July 15th.

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