Travel Massive interviews our co-founder Anula Galewska

anulagalewska-croppedAs part of its series of interviews with travel startups, Travel Massive interviewed our co-founder Anula Galewska.

What makes your startup different from other similar startups out there?

We help tourism professionals deal with information overload and lack of time. You no longer have to search the web for daily news, articles, events and responsible tourism resources. We do it for you and serve the most valuable pieces in an easy to digest way.

Travindy is now available also in Spanish, which is possible thanks to our great Spanish-speaking team: Pablo Pereira Doel, Angela Rodriques and Gabriela Alvarado.

How is your startup changing the future of the industry or helping to make travel better?

By sharing news, resources and promoting all the good things that happen in tourism, we aim to inspire and encourage travel businesses to improve their policies and on the ground operations. We want to show that sustainability management is not an expensive rocket science but simple ideas that can be implemented by anyone.

This is an excerpt from an interview first published by Travel Massive. Read the original article here: Find Responsible Tourism Resources in One Place

Travindy is an independent website featuring news and opinion on all issues to do with tourism and sustainability. Written primarily for an industry audience, our aim is to support the transformation of the sector into one that is regenerative, restorative and fully inclusive.

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